15 April 2008

Call for papers: Entrepreneurial Finance – Integrating Finance and Entrepreneurship

Call for papers: Entrepreneurial Finance – Integrating Finance and Entrepreneurship

A special issue of International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Entrepreneurial firms have become an increasingly important element of global economic growth. Accompanying this development, the volume of financing to entrepreneurial firms has grown as well. Research in the field of entrepreneurial finance has long lagged behind these developments. Until the early 1990s, studies in entrepreneurial finance were almost non-existent and entrepreneurship was regarded as completely separate from the field of corporate finance. In recent years, however, there has been an augmented interest in the nature and behaviour of financial markets and financial intermediaries that allocate capital to new and growing businesses. Several scholars have addressed the application of fundamental principles and problems of corporate finance to entrepreneurial firms.

The increasing importance of entrepreneurial firms as “engines” of economic development and growth has also lead to an enhanced interest by policy makers, regulators and academics in the macroeconomic implications of entrepreneurial finance and the role and impact of legal and market infrastructures on the nature and availability of capital to entrepreneurial enterprises.

While research in the field of entrepreneurial finance has begun, many areas and issues still remain unexplored. Research findings on the interrelation between finance and entrepreneurship are extremely fragmented so far, and there is no integrated analysis or comprehensive theory yet. This special issue therefore aims at contributing to the theory building of entrepreneurial finance. Truly innovative research is appreciated. Papers can be purely theoretical or theory-driven empirical work (quantitative or qualitative).

Potential topic areas suitable for review articles include but are not limited to:
  • Capital structure of entrepreneurial firms
  • Sources of funding available to new and growing businesses
  • Investors and intermediaries that provide financing to entrepreneurial firms
  • Changes in capital structures over the business cycle, financial growth cycles
  • Cost of capital and determining factors
  • Public policy issues: government programmes, tax policies, and other regulations
  • Cross-cultural differences in entrepreneurial finance
  • Credit analysis for small businesses
  • Credit availability and lending to entrepreneurial firms
  • Emerging security markets and entrepreneurship
  • Contracting issues: type of securities, covenants, and control rights
  • Agency problems and information asymmetry and their impact on entrepreneurial finance
  • Entrepreneurial finance in transition economies
  • Financial management for entrepreneurial firms
  • Financing entrepreneurial ventures
  • Interconnectedness and relations between the various sources of funding
  • Angel investors and angel investments
  • Incubators and their financing impact
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Financing beyond the startup phase
  • Financing rapid growth
  • Managing working capital in entrepreneurial firms
  • New ventures feasibility studies
  • Banks and bank financing
  • Investor relations
  • Creditor relations
  • Venture capital and venture capitalists
Important Date
Paper Submission Deadline: 31 October 2008

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