30 April 2008

Special issue: Dual organisational capabilities: the next challenge for continuous innovation

International Journal of Technology Management 42(1/2) 2008
  • Dual organisational capabilities: from theory to practice – the next challenge for continuous innovation
  • Exploration and exploitation: the interplay between knowledge and continuous innovation
  • Dealing with discontinuous innovation: the European experience
  • A case study of an organisation development of duality
  • Development and validation of a survey instrument for measuring organisational renewal capability
  • Unlearning as a driver of sustainable change and innovation: three Australian case studies
  • The influence of learning in collaborative improvement
  • Examining the role of human resource management in continuous improvement
  • Managing knowledge transfer as a strategic approach to competitive advantage
  • Do companies with a competitive advantage make better use of IT? Evidence from Italian enterprises
  • From ICT outsourcing to strategic sourcing: managing customer–supplier relations for continuous innovation capabilities

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