26 April 2008

Special issue: Biological utilisation of biomass or organic waste materials

International Journal of Biotechnology 10(1) 2008
  • Dynamic characteristics of bacterial community in a sulphate-reducing bioreactor fed with acetate and intermittent ethanol
  • Influence of Fe(II) addition on heavy metal bioleaching from sewage sludge with mixed inocula
  • Ultrasonic pre-treatment of biosolid
  • Influence of catalyst on the yields and properties of products from biomass liquefaction in subcritical water
  • Consumption of nitrogen and phosphorus in human urine by Spirulina platensis
  • Isolation and identification of the sulphate-reducing bacteria strain H1 and its function for hydrolysed polyacrylamide degradation
  • Waste activated sludge reduction using sonication and cryptic growth
  • Disposal of seaweed wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) in composting process by marine bacterium Halomonas sp. AW4
  • Biotransformation of rice straw by Phanerachaete chrysosporium and the related ligninolytic enzymes
  • Effect of feeding efficient microbial community on aerobic composting of municipal waste and excrement
  • Natural essential oils from lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) to control postharvest anthracnose of mango fruit

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