21 April 2008

Special issue: Advanced technologies for environmental remediation and management

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 9(1) 2008
  • Evaluating alkaline microcapsules for pH control and reductive dechlorination of trichloroethylene in sediment
  • The removal of organic pollutants from industrial effluents via tapered bed adsorption columns
  • Dye-sensitised photocatalytic degradation of PVC-ZnO composite film
  • Biofiltration of hydrophobic VOCs pretreated with UV photolysis and photocatalysis
  • Fluoride removal from drinking water by adsorption using bone char as a biosorbent
  • Sorptive removal of Cr (III) ions from aqueous solution onto beach sand
  • Catalytic wet oxidation of ferulic acid
  • Decontamination of a natural multicomponent aqueous liquid waste by titania photocatalysis
  • Performance improvement of TiO2 supported on adsorbents for photocatalytic degradation of MEK in air
  • Water quality in healthcare

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