29 April 2008

Call for papers: Public Affairs Informatics Research – V

Call for papers: Public Affairs Informatics Research – V

A special issue of International Journal of Public Policy

The objective of this special issue is to assemble research and scholarly works that contribute to the theoretical and empirical knowledge base for identifying policy and informatics programs that will improve the performance of service organisations and enhance the well-being of communities. The specific aims of this issue are to:
  • Explicate an interdisciplinary focus in public affairs informatics and performance improvement research
  • Establish a close collaboration and partnership with the public service sector that will enhance the development of innovative research
  • Transfer knowledge developed from interdisciplinary research, pertaining to public affairs informatics and performance improvement, to evidence-based public service management and practice
Since the turn of the 21st century, the global political arena has faced various challenges from terrorist insurgents that prevent nation-building to the debate on global warming. Social science theorises that these events depress economic growth and global development. As world events become ever more unpredictable and harmful to world peace, the need for strong leadership continues to take high importance. World leadership faces unparalleled challenges in the fight for effective global development. Public health issues such as HIV/AIDS and the Asian Bird Flu continue to occupy concerns of medical and government professionals worldwide. As strategies are developed to prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases and viruses, leaders must understand how to adapt, communicate and protect their respective populace. Not only do publicly-elected officials and academicians need to understand challenges that impact global development, but businesses need to understand how public health challenges impact local economics. Furthermore, it is imperative to identify mechanisms to foster the development of social capital and transformation in a turbulent world.

The integration of the principles and methodological approaches of diverse disciplines in conducting scientific studies may lead to the creation of evidence-based knowledge for improving public services and to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of service organisations. This special issue will bring together leading practitioners and scholars in global development to share their scholarship and strategic agenda for resolving the most urgent public policy issues of our time. The call for papers invites scholars and researchers to address best-practice solutions for perfecting global development and cultural change.

Subject Coverage
  • The development of theoretically informed and empirically validated models to improve performance of public service problems
  • Informatics research and its application to the investigation of determinants and consequences of public services
  • The interdisciplinary collaboration contributing to the theoretical and knowledge base for improving the performance of service organisations
  • Evidence-based management and practice in public affairs
  • Scientific knowledge on how to enhance equity, efficiency, quality, and effectiveness of public service organisations, using confirmatory approaches
  • The development and use of decision support systems in public affairs
Important Dates
Deadline for submission: 31 December, 2008
Notification of Acceptance: 31 March, 2009
Camera-ready final copy: 1 June, 2009

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