3 September 2016

Special issue published: "Sustainability and Human Resources"

International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise 3(3/4) 2016
  • Locating sustainable leadership within a typology of leadership in business
  • Linking CSR and sustainability with organisational culture, values and business ethics - a qualitative analysis of Indian IT companies
  • Revolutionary learning - appreciative inquiry in action
  • An assessment of non-verbal communication skills of business school campus recruits in India: implications for stakeholder communication
  • Rethinking human resource: making of parental policy in India
  • Managing the IT millennials - HR imperatives and interventions
  • Sustainability from the lenses of spirituality: a new perspective
Additional papers
  • Implementations of data mining techniques in stock market forecasting: a generic framework
  • Improving the quality of cold merchandising unit: an application of quality function deployment

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