23 September 2016

Special issue published: "Materials Design and Development in Tribology"

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 53(3/4) 2016

Includes extended versions of papers presented at the Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2015 (MITC2015).
  • Tribological behaviour of aluminium/boron carbide (B4C)/graphite (Gr) hybrid metal matrix composite under dry sliding motion by using ANOVA
  • FEM simulation for determining suitable parameters for dimple structure fabrication in turning process 
  • The relation between the tribological test results and tactile response
  • An experimental study of friction in fibre-fibre contacts
  • Compressive properties of green rubber foam from reclaimed rubber glove
  • Selection of natural fibre reinforced composites using fuzzy VIKOR for car front hood
  • TRIZ approach for machining process innovation in cryogenic environment
  • Experimental study of the shot peening treatment effect on austenitic stainless steel
Additional Papers
  • Effect of lauric diethanolamide on biodegradability and performance characteristics of mineral hydraulic oil
  • The effect of surface dispersants on electrodeposited antimony nanoparticles
  • Evaluation of the residual stresses and corrosion resistance of shot-peened 7075 aluminium alloy under different states

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