12 September 2016

Free sample articles on Global Katrina Effect newly available from International Journal of Emergency Management

The following special issue articles from the International Journal of Emergency Management are now available here for free:
  • Lessons from Sidr and Katrina: examining Bangladeshi progress in managing storm surge and some remaining challenges in the northern Bay of Bengal and central Gulf of Mexico regions
  • Hurricane Katrina 10 years later: a qualitative meta-analysis of communications and media studies of New Orleans' Black community
  • Looking forward 10 years after Katrina: managing climate risk and uncertainty through building systematic resilience in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina
  • Donor countries as aid recipients: the USA, New Zealand and the lessons of Hurricane Katrina
  • A systematic review of the international disaster case management literature in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
  • Lessons from Katrina: commanding the military during disaster response - then and now

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