27 October 2014

Special issue: "Solidarity"

International Journal of Business and Globalisation 13(4) 2014
  • Role of knowledge management in promoting research and development in business organisations
  • Internationalisation of film production: a historical review of movie making in Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Scaling the impact of social entrepreneurship from production and operations management perspective - a study of eight organisations in the health and education sector in India
  • A study of interrelationship between individual level change factors with individual and organisational level benefits, in the context of firms from an emerging economy
  • Enterprising behaviour in an integrating competence framework
  • Approaches to microenterprise development: comparison of case studies from Maharashtra
  • Types of governance, financial policy and the financial performance of micro-family-owned businesses in Canada
  • Holistic support for micro-enterprise development: a case study of MITTRA

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