22 October 2014

Call for papers: "Impact of Reconfiguration on Collaborative Enterprise Performance"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise.

The objective of International journal of Collaborative Enterprise (IJCEnt) is to provide a platform for interaction between researchers and practitioners who are dealing with theory and applications. It is also to bring together a selection of new perspectives that focuses on resources in producing and delivering value, analyze the new strategies and the organisations that support the collaboration and reconfiguration. The IJCEnt invites papers for the special issue “Impact of Reconfiguration on Collaborative Enterprise Performance”, which aims to impart and share the recent research, development and applications dealing with collaborative enterprises.

Collaboration and cooperation are vital growth opportunities, but manufacturers, service providers and suppliers are uncertain of how to most effectively approach the rapidly evolving market. Enterprise collaboration is receiving increasingly more attention than ever before.

Reconfiguration can play a crucial role in collaborative enterprise. Reconfiguration introduces a means for system flexibility. This can be possible with the help of a modular approach and developing relationships among products, processes and resources. The data and information is also required to be made available to all stake holders of the enterprise. The concepts of commitments with penalties and subcontracting may also facilitate effective reconfigured collaborative enterprise. Thus, there is need to focus on the real challenges of rapid constraint evaluation for the designing and/or reconfiguration of present systems to cater for present/future collaborative enterprise.

It is also evident that enterprises value collaboration, choose between alternatives, integrate business processes, and participate in networking in both the local and global markets. This issue aims at disseminating the discussion and exchange of global experience in terms of models and means emphasizing how to design, run, control and optimise collaborative enterprises. A further objective is to share innovative approaches that are relevant to the sustainable development of the manufacturing sector in the global context.

Case studies and papers should provide in-depth insight into, but not limited to, the following areas in the context to collaborative enterprises:
  • Why, when and how collaborative enterprises are reconfiguring their business processes?
  • How they choose between alternatives?
  • What should the pace of reconfiguration be?
  • How do enterprises develop reconfiguration roadmaps?
  • What the roadblocks and areas of concern, as well as the challenges?
  • How can enterprises cope with the rapidly changing manufacturing environment?
  • What are the models or concepts that will support temporary alliances of manufacturing enterprises?
  • How do we measure or model the consequences of the reconfiguration process on the present and future demands of collaborative enterprise?

Important Dates
Submissions deadline: 25 October, 2015
Reviewer reports: 30 January, 2016
Revised paper submission: 30 March, 2016
Final manuscript submission: 30 April, 2016

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