9 October 2014

Call for papers: "Nature-inspired Algorithms: Theory and Applications"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications.

In recent decades, more and more researchers have suggested that the laws of nature are a good source for inspiration of effective metaheuristic algorithms for providing solutions to complicated problems and developing intelligent systems.

Nature-inspired algorithms, which are inspired by natural phenomena (i.e. genetic algorithms (GAs) and differential evolution algorithms (DEs) were inspired by biological evolutionary processes; particle swarm optimisation algorithms (PSOs), artificial bee colony algorithms (ABCs) and ant colony optimisation algorithms(ACOs) were inspired by animal behaviours) have been widely applied in various fields. Because of their proven efficiency and merits in discovering novel and better solutions for hard problems, nature-inspired algorithms have attracted more and more attention from researchers and engineers in various fields of engineering.

The primary aim of this special issue is to present original contributions, the latest research and development, and up-to-date issues in the field of nature-inspired algorithms and their engineering applications. It intends to collect a series of leading and high-quality papers on ideas, concepts and technologies that make use of nature-inspired algorithms in several research areas. Submissions should present novel fundamental research contributions from theoretical or application points of view.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Development of new nature-inspired algorithms, including architectural and operator design, working steps description, convincing computational experiments and performance tests
  • Theoretical studies and analysis on nature-inspired algorithms, including convincing computational experiments, performance tests and convergence proof
  • Innovative and nontrivial applications of nature-inspired algorithms in the disciplines of mechanical and industrial engineering, manufacturing, aeronautics, automobiles, electronics and other domains of engineering
  • Other research topics relating to nature-inspired algorithms and their engineering applications

Important Dates
Submission of papers: 28 February, 2015

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