24 October 2014

Special issue published: "Innovative Entrepreneurial Endeavours Embedded in Culture"

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 23(1/2) 2014

  • Transnationals in an English-speaking world
  • The capitalisation of guanxi and Chinese entrepreneurship: an ethnographic study of petty entrepreneurs in Guangzhou, China
  • From business networks to philanthropic networks: Chinese entrepreneurs and the SEE project
  • Migrant entrepreneurship, economic activity and export performance: mapping the Danish trends
  • Entrepreneurial intention benefitting from education, training and competence: Egypt and Iran
  • Education coupled with international networking: benefits for exporting in Middle East and North Africa
  • Entrepreneurs' innovation benefitting from their education and training and from national policy and culture: a global study
  • Innovation embedded in entrepreneurs' networks in private and public spheres: a global study focusing on China and Denmark
  • Firms' collaboration networks benefitting innovation: embeddedness in high- and low-trust culture, Denmark and Iran
  • Growth-expectations among women entrepreneurs: embedded in networks and culture in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and in Belgium and France
  • Gendering of firms' collaboration networks and innovation: a global study with a focus on China, Japan and South Korea
  • People's confidence in innovation: a component of the entrepreneurial mindset, embedded in gender and culture, affecting entrepreneurial intention
  • Cognitive effects on entrepreneurial intentions: a comparison of Chinese émigrés and their descendants with non-émigré Chinese

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