17 October 2014

Special issue published: "New Cultural Catalysts in Evolving Environments: Political Change, Cultural Dynamics and Competitiveness of Firms"

European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management 3(2) 2014

Includes expanded versions of articles presented at the XI IACCM Annual Conference on ‘Political change, cultural dynamics and competitiveness of firms’.
  • Analysing gender and diversity management issues across cultures from multiple perspectives: a Thai-German case
  • Exploring national diversity and identity regulation: managerial discourses and material practices in a transnational company
  • Cross-cultural analysis of comfort with foreign cultures in multinational firms
  • A cultural hybridisation approach to reinterpreting the integration-diversity dichotomy: the case of Guggenheim's master branding Bilbao
  • Effects of brand and quality management on consumers' purchasing willingness of indigenous handicrafts in Taiwan

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