13 October 2014

Special issue published: "Creative Networks"

International Journal of Organisational Design and Engineering 3(3/4) 2014

Includes expanded versions of papers presented at the COINs Conference on Collaborative Innovation Networks 2013.
  • The formation of political discourse within online networks: the case of the occupy movement
  • Role and discipline relationships in a transdisciplinary biomedical team: structuration, values override, and context scaffolding
  • A course design to develop meta-cognitive skills for collaborative knowledge building through tool-assisted discourse analysis
  • Using pattern languages as media for mining, analysing, and visualising experiences
  • Increasing knowledge worker productivity through a 'virtual mirror' of the social network
  • What can Twitter tell us about social movements' network topology and centrality? Analysing the case of the 2011-2013 Chilean student movement
Additional papers
  • Understanding the lifestyle of health and sustainability - an exploratory study
  • Why space matters for collaborative innovation networks: on designing enabling spaces for collaborative knowledge creation

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