3 July 2010

Special issue: Rise of innovations in India

International Journal of Technology and Globalisation 5(1/2) 2010
  • Are innovations on the rise in India since the onset of reforms of 1991? Analysis of its evidence and some disquieting features
  • International trade and R&D investment: evidence from manufacturing firms in India
  • R&D for development of new drugs for neglected diseases in India
  • Emerging Indian entrepreneurship in biotechnology and National Innovation System: exploring linkages and prospects
  • Inching towards global competitiveness: Adoption of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) in Indian auto components industry
  • Innovation, imitation and dependence: iron and steel technology in India, 1970-1990
  • Technological change in Indian textiles industry, 1991-2006
Additional paper
  • Innovation system and developing countries: the Argentine's failure

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