3 July 2010

Special issue: Biomonitoring of atmospheric pollution

International Journal of Environment and Health 4(2/3) 2010

Papers from the 5th International Workshop on Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution (BioMAP-5) held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 20 - 24 September 2009.
  • Quantitative relations between different concentrations of micro- and macroelements in mosses and lichens: the region of Opole (Poland) as an environmental interface in between Eastern and Western Europe
  • Element-enrichment factors in Parmotrema bangii and Cryptomeria japonica of Portuguese islands of the central North Atlantic
  • How lichens and mosses reflect atmospheric deposition of natural and artificial radionuclides
  • Leaves of Lolium multiflorum as indicators of airborne trace element distribution in Central Italy
  • Characterisation of antimony, arsenic, cadmium, copper and tin occurrences at an abandoned sulphide-mining area
  • Native plant bioaccumulation strategies: a baseline study for biomonitoring the Atlantic Forest
  • Potential use of Syntrichia ruralis for monitoring atmospheric BTEX
  • Sustainable sampling of native bromeliads for environmental monitoring
  • Biomonitoring of indoor air genotoxic properties in ten schools using Scindapsus aureus
  • A comparative study of atmospheric deposits and lichen populations in a protected alpine area in the Grenoble region (France)
  • Effects of air pollution on production of essential oil in Feijoa Sellowiana Berg. grown in the 'Italian Triangle of Death'
  • Ultrastructural alterations induced by tropospheric ozone: comparison between resistant and sensitive clones of Trifolium repens L. CV. Regal
  • Human bone as a biological material for environmental monitoring
  • Using the exhaled breath condensate as a tool for non-invasive evaluation of pollutant exposure

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