17 July 2010

Special issue: Advances in computer-aided design and digital entertainment

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 38(1-3) 2010
  • Dynamic clothing collision resolution using PSO
  • A stylistic human motion editing system based on a subspace motion model
  • Extraction and analysis of the speech emotion features based on multi-fractal spectrum
  • Combining location and feature information for multimedia retrieval
  • A new approach for texture classification in CBIR
  • Proximity queries using separating bounding volumes
  • A novel automatic motion capture data recognition method based on statistics learning and subspace
  • A script engine for realistic human motion generation
  • Content-based organisation, analysis and retrieval of soccer video
  • A multi-scale triangular mapping and its applications in variation scale scrambling
  • Real-time digitised shadow play performance method based on multi-point interactive controlling method
  • A reactive and protective character motion generation algorithm
  • Improve matching results for structure from motion problems
  • An efficient simplification and real-time rendering algorithm for large-scale terrain
  • Watermark-based digital fake image detection
  • A two-stage multimodal speaker location-aware approach in pervasive computing
  • Local resampling for patch-based texture synthesis in vector fields
  • A 3D shape classifier with neural network supervision
  • Semi-automated human body 3D animator
  • Synthesis of cartoon fire based on hand-drawn samples
  • A SaaSI: an approved architecture for SaaS service composition
  • Facial expression recognition based on combined HMM
  • Efficient reconstruction from architectural drawings
  • Calibration and segmentation free 3D modelling from images based on GPU
  • An interactive motion-editing method for human animation
  • Contour recovery of tablet calligraphy characters
  • Q-Cartoon: a novel cartoon creating system
  • An emotion generation model based on random graphs
  • Multi-chessboards localisation based on FCM and Radon transform algorithm
  • A heuristic non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II for satellite-module layout optimisation

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