10 July 2010

Call for papers: Marketing of Emerging Technologies in B2B Markets

A special issue of International Journal of Technology Marketing

Emerging technologies are new technologies that have not “crossed the chasm” and found acceptance in the mainstream market. They may have product or service applications across many different industries but face common marketing challenges. Examples of such emerging technologies include alternative (non-fossil based) energy sources, nanotechnology, biotechnology, life sciences, mobile telecommunications, social media, robotics and computing, among others. B2B markets include commercial, government or institutional organizations as customers.

This special issue is intended to encourage research on the topics below from international researchers worldwide. Theoretical or conceptual papers and empirical studies are welcome. Research methodologies may be eclectic including literature review, case study, ethnographic research, interviews, surveys, laboratory or field experiments, analyses of behavioural or archival data.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Marketing of the business plan to investors (or venture capitalists for startups)
  • Attracting and retaining talented employees
  • Finding the right target market
  • Encouraging customer trial and adoption
  • Building an eco-system of third-party developers around the platform including value-added services and software, peripherals, accessories, and consumables
  • New product launch under severe budget constraints etc.
Important Dates
Deadline for full paper submission: 31 January, 2011
Deadline for Authors to receive feedback on submitted papers: 30 April, 2011
Deadline for final paper submission: 30 June, 2011

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