7 July 2010

Special issue: Case studies on landfill diversion of household waste

International Journal of Environment and Waste Management 6(1/2) 2010
  • Waste reduction strategies for improved management of household solid waste in Jamaica
  • Assessing Municipal Solid Wastes (MSWs) for composting programmes in rapidly urbanising areas: a case study from Accra, Ghana
  • Sustainability-based Decision-Support System for solid waste management
  • Phytocapping: an alternative technique for landfill remediation
  • Bioenergy and charcoal production: an alternative option for disposal of combustible municipal wastes
  • A statistical approach to predict waste generation rates to support recycling programmes
  • Sustainable management of household solid waste
  • Environmental impacts with waste disposal practices in a suburban municipality in Sri Lanka
  • Application of household compost bin for diversion of organic wastes in small communities of Thailand
  • Disposal of saline wastewater from electrical power plants
  • Use of domestic sewage effluent for sustainable production of vegetable in Kashmir valley
  • An overview of approaches towards improving in-house Medical Waste Management in Bangladesh: a pilot research
  • A comparison of microbial contact bioassay with conventional elutriate assays for evaluation of wastes hazard
  • Multicriteria analysis of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) utilisation in waste treatment facilities: the case of Chania prefecture, Greece
  • FORUM: A view of environmental Utopia

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