31 July 2010

Special issue: Modelling approaches for the management of environmental pollution

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 42(1-3) 2010
  • Pollution abatement for improving air quality of Tangshan municipality, China: a perspective of urban-airshed carrying-capacity concept
  • Air contaminants modelling by use of several receptor-oriented models
  • Effects of meteorological conditions on concentration of air pollutants in Delhi
  • Application of The Air Pollution Model (TAPM) to the urban airshed of Bangkok, Thailand
  • Uncertainty adjustments to deterministic atmospheric dispersion models
  • Interval-fuzzy possibilistic mixed integer linear programming for environmental management under uncertainty
  • Chemical and physical properties of rice straw waste and hospital sewage sludge in turned windrow aeration system
  • Study on primary metabolites and possible biodegradation pathways of nonylphenol
  • Applications of numerical simulation to the sedimentation in the Sanmenxia reservoir and the Lower Yellow River
  • Analysis of relationships between NDVI and climatic/hydrological parameters in the Yellow River basin
  • Examining social-economic factors in spatial and temporal change of water quality in red soil hilly region of South China: a case study in Hunan Province
  • Integrated 3D physical-numerical modelling for simulating bioremediation of petroleum contamination in heterogeneous subsurface environment
  • A fuzzy multi-criteria decision analysis approach for the management of petroleum-contaminated sites
  • A simple method to check for natural attenuation downstream of abandoned waste disposal sites
  • Optimal solute transport in heterogeneous aquifer: coupled inverse modelling
  • Integrated fuzzy framework to incorporate uncertainty in risk management

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