17 July 2010

Call for papers: Variable Structure Systems in Automotive Applications

A special issue of International Journal of Vehicle Design

Over the last two decades a significant progress has been reached in the field of higher order sliding mode (SM) controllers and observers. These observers/controllers ensure the insensibility of the system with respect to matched smooth uncertainties/perturbations by use of absolutely continuous controllers. Moreover, higher order based sliding mode observers ensure the best possible asymptotic accuracy of the state observation and unknown inputs identification with respect to sampling step and deterministic bounded noises.

These are reasons why various researchers are starting to use the new techniques for the vehicle dynamics analysis and design. This special issue will join both theoretical results and laboratory experiments. Its objective is to present recent research concerning vehicle dynamics, covering dynamics observation (accelerations, side slip, forces estimation etc), parametric identification, risk prediction (rollover, jackknifing etc) and vehicle control (lane departure avoidance, steering control etc.) based on modern variable structures techniques (sliding mode observers, sliding mode observers based identification, sliding mode control).

The specific topics of interest within the scope of this Special Issue include (but are not limited to) the following technical areas:
  • SM based vehicles parameters and forces estimation
  • SM based control of automotive driver robots
  • SM control of motor bicycles
  • SM control of unicycles
  • SM control of wheel slip
  • SM control of heavy vehicles
Important Dates
Manuscript Submission Deadline: 30 October 2010
Reviewers' Reports and Decisions: 28 February 2011
Revised Manuscript Submission: 30 March 2011

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