3 July 2010

Call for papers: The Emerging Healthcare Education Revolution

A special issue of International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education

The US Government has committed more than 17 billion dollars to the goal of improving American healthcare delivery and patient care through investment in health information technology. One such component of this effort, the HITECH Act, was designed to provide technical training and support to providers, enable coordination and alignment within and among states, establish connectivity to the public health community in case of emergencies, and assure the workforce is properly trained and equipped to be meaningful users of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The Act included resources for the establishment of Health Information Exchange Regional Extension Programmes (HITRECs), Curriculum Development Centers, the development of competency examinations and extensive university-based training programmes, providing opportunities as both the local, regional and national levels.

Combined, these programs are expected to support over 100,000 primary care providers in the collective effort to build the foundation for every American to benefit from an electronic health record, as part of a modernized, interconnected, and vastly improved system of care delivery.

This special issue is focused on providing a venue to explore the efforts associated with the need for this expansive development, the dynamics that may support or hinder these efforts, and to provide an outlet for this community of practice to develop and grow.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Informatics education
  • Healthcare management education
  • Healthcare informatics education and pedagogy
  • Information systems and operations management curriculum as it relates to the healthcare industry
Important Dates
Submission Deadline: 1 December, 2010
Revision Deadline: 1 March, 2011
Final Manuscripts Due: 1 April, 2011

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