3 July 2010

Call for papers: Environmental Improvement and Pollution Control by 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) Technologies of Electrical & Electronic Products

A special issue of International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management

Pollution caused by waste from electrical and electronic products such as household products, OA machines, mobile phones, PCB during their life cycles are becoming increasingly serious. Therefore pollution control measures have been taken from different aspects: reduce, reuse, and recycle (3R). Reduction-related technologies are considered as active measures that are adopted during product design and manufacturing. Legislation from the European Commission such as the WEEE Directive, from Japan such as the Household Products Recycling Law, from China such as the Waste Household Products and Electronic Products Recycling Regulations have been stimulating end-of-life technology developments for environmentally-friendly disposal. In recent years, life cycle design (LCD), life cycle assessment (LCA), and life cycle simulation (LCS) have become recognized measures that may comprehensively deal with the whole life cycle issues.

This special issue calls for papers addressing research on environmental improvement by pollution control from the viewpoint of the product life cycle more specifically 3R. We welcome any research and review papers on 3R, LCD, LCA and LCS.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Environmental assessment of 3R technologies
  • Economic performance of 3R technologies
  • Social impact of 3R technologies
  • 3R scenario evaluation (by Monte Carlo simulation etc)
  • Component 3R technologies
  • Best practice in recycle factory establishment
  • Country policy reviews and comparison
  • Disassembly technologies
  • Evaluation of component residual life
  • Life cycle design, life cycle assessment, life cycle simulation
  • Design for reuse/recycling
  • Green logistics
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 30 September 2010
First notification of papers review: 30 November 2010
Second paper submission: 31 January 2011
Second notification of paper review: 28 February 2011

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