3 July 2010

Special issue: China’s new innovation-oriented strategy

International Journal of Technology Management 51(2-4) 2010
  • Developing innovation-oriented strategies: lessons from Chinese mobile phone firms
  • China's catch-up and innovation model in IT industry
  • In-house R&D, technology purchase and innovation: empirical evidences from Chinese hi-tech industries, 1995-2004
  • Networks and nations: the interplay of transnational networks and domestic institutions in China's chip design industry
  • From production capacity to technological capability: an institutional and organisational perspective
  • Critical success factors for inter-firm technological cooperation: an empirical study of high-tech SMEs in China
  • A dynamic innovation model for managing capabilities of continuous innovation
  • Developing effective strategies to address complex challenges: evidence from local high-tech firms in China
  • Foreign research and development in China: a sectoral approach
  • Knowledge diffusion from MNC R&D labs in developing countries: evidence from interaction between MNC R&D labs and local universities in Beijing
  • Recruiting and retaining R&D professionals in China
  • Driving forces and organisational configurations of international R&D: the case of technology-intensive Chinese multinationals
  • Innovative development and innovation capacity-building in China
  • Standardisation and innovation in China: TD-SCDMA standard as a case
  • The evolution of China's IPR system and its impact on the patenting behaviours and strategies of multinationals in China

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