7 July 2010

Call for papers: Burr Formation and Deburring

A special issue of International Journal of Manufacturing Research

Burrs are unwanted materials remaining after almost all machining operations including drilling, milling and turning. They are formed at the exit of a cutting edge upon completion of a machining operation. Burr formation not only degrades part accuracy and quality but also hampers part handling and assembly. Therefore, many parts in the automotive and aerospace industries require deburring, a tedious, non-productive process that consumes 15-30% of the total machining cost.

Due to increasing demands on high part accuracy and low production time, there is a great deal of interest around the world in studying the mechanisms of burr formation, the strategies for burr prevention and the methods for deburring. This special issue calls for papers on research into burr formation and deburring.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:

Burr Formation and Prevention
  • Modelling and classification of burrs
  • Predictive modelling for burr prevention
  • Predicting burr location
  • FEM modelling and simulation of burr formation
  • Material effect on burr formation
  • Simulation of tool geometry effect on burr formation
  • Effect of machining processes and parameters on burr formation
  • Product design optimisation for burr prevention
  • Cutting tool design and optimisation for burr prevention
  • Toolpath optimisation and burr prevention
Deburring Process Control
  • Modelling and simulation of various deburring methods, automated and semi-automated
  • Predictive modeling of part surface quality for deburring process control
  • Robotic deburring and CNC machine-based deburring
  • Optimal selection of deburring tools and process conditions
  • Force control methods for automated deburring
  • Active and passive compliant deburring toolheads and methods
  • Large part deburring and small part deburring
  • Design and optimisation of automated deburring systems/cells
Important Date
Paper submission due: 31 January,2011

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