4 July 2007

Special issue: Wireless sensor networks

International Journal of Sensor Networks 2(5/6) 2007 is a special issue: Wireless sensor networks, comprising enhanced papers from IEEE ICC 2006 Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor Networks Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2006.

Article titles:
* Self-healing sensor networks with distributed decision making
* Design and application of enhanced communication protocols for wireless sensor networks operating in environmental monitoring
* A flow-based reliability measure for wireless sensor networks
* On constructing low interference topology in multihop wireless sensor networks
* Improving gateway safety in wireless sensor networks using cognitive techniques
* Implementation and performance evaluation of nanoMAC: a low-power MAC solution for high density wireless sensor networks
* Mining and visualising wireless sensor network data
* SUMP: a secure unicast messaging protocol for wireless ad hoc sensor networks
* SHORT: shortest hop routing tree for wireless sensor networks
* Multiple-input turbo code for secure data aggregation and source-channel coding in wireless sensor networks
* A prototype underwater acoustic sensor network platform with topology-aware MAC scheme
* Range-free sensor localisation with ring overlapping based on comparison of received signal strength indicator
* Stochastic binary sensor networks for noisy environments

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chakshika said...

We bought several xbee modules and X BIB development kit. Can you pls let me know how to upload a our own code to the module.