22 July 2007

Special issue: Environmentally sustainable nanomanufacturing

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 1(5) 2007 is a special issue: Environmentally sustainable nanomanufacturing, with extended versions of papers from the Fifth International Surface Engineering Congress and Exposition, 15–17 May 2006, Seattle, Washington.

Article titles:
* Nanomaterials and health: a critical review of occupational exposure assessment and control strategies
* A review of environmental stressor control strategies used in micro- and nanofabrication
* Workers exposures to ultra-fine particulate matter during automobile components production
* Diamond turning of microstructured surfaces: modelling and simulation
* Design and manufacture of high-speed spindles for dry micromachining applications
* Micro and nanoparticle monitoring during drilling operations using continuous particle size distribution instruments
* Analysis and design of a high-speed projector for environmentally sustainable micro and nanoparticle deposition
* Burr formation during dry microdrilling operations

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