12 July 2007

Call for papers: New Challenges In Global Chassis Control

Call for papers: New Challenges In Global Chassis Control

A special issue of International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems

Over the past few years, automotive engineering has been characterised by rapid growth in active systems. In particular efforts to improve driving safety and comfort under all driving conditions have been naturally focused on the chassis behaviour. However active safety and comfort are known to satisfy conflicting interests for the conventional chassis.

To tackle this problem, the usual approach consists of an independent optimisation of the different chassis subsystems (in particular brakes, suspension actuators, steering, etc.). However, this currently runs into its limits once data interchange between the systems is needed to improve the overall functions. Therefore, to gain maximum comfort and safety at the same time, an integrated design, called "global chassis control", needs to be considered.

This special issue aims to present recent results on this topic of global chassis control. The performance optimisation of the chassis dynamical behavior requires development of:
new (nonlinear) models: from subsystems where the recent products (active differential, semi-active dampers, etc.) require accurate modelling to the integrated full car model
new control synthesis: aiming to reach enhanced safety and comfort, which can be obtained only using advanced control methodologies (linear H1/LPV, nonlinear, predictive, etc.)
new simulation tools based on accurate models: to avoid the inherent cost of vehicle tests and to allow for analysis of critical driving situations

Among the objectives outlined above, the topics of this special issue include (but are not limited to):
  • Subsystems (non linear) modelling to account for new technologies of dampers, differential, brakes, etc
  • Vehicle (nonlinear) modelling: integration of subsystems, tires, chassis, etc
  • Active and semi-active suspension control to enhance safety and comfort
  • Active safety using steering or braking actuators
Important Date
Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 15 December 2007

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