22 July 2007

Special issue: Advanced modelling and control in industry processes

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 2(2) 2007 is a special issue: Advanced modelling and control in industry processes.

Article titles:
* Inferential state estimator design for a batch distillation column
* Non-linear control of a distillation column coupled with MPC and state observer
* Parameterisation of PID eigenstructure assignment in second-order linear systems
* Indirect adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy control for nonlinear systems
* A novel algorithm of constrained multivariable fuzzy generalised predictive control for non-linear systems
* Application of an anti-windup multivariable continuous-time generalised predictive control to a temperature control of an aluminium plate
* Reconfigurable controller design for linear multivariable plants
* Accuracy and efficiency enhanced non-linear model order reduction
* Reconfiguration of an industrial steam generator using bond graph modelling
* An observer-based compensator for networked control systems

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