24 July 2007

Special issue: Risk in the built environment

International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 7(6/7) 2007 is a special issue: Risk in the built environment.

Article titles:
* An introduction to the Special Issue: An overview, history and context for the consideration of risk in the built environment
* Structural design codes of practice and their limits
* Integrating soft and hard risks
* Consent probability
* Preferences, utility and risk perception in engineering decision making
* Strategies for mitigating risk to buildings from abnormal load events
* Target structural reliability in life cycle consideration
* Foundational principles of welfare economics underlying the life quality index for efficient risk management
* Turning life into life expectancy: the efficiency of life-saving interventions
* Life Quality Index – an empirical or a normative concept?
* Recent developments in risk acceptability for technical facilities
* Reliability-based load-rating procedure for existing bridges
* Assessing and managing the inoperability of transportation systems and interdependent sectors
* The importance of heritage preservation in natural disaster situations

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