17 July 2007

Special issue: Innovations in nanomanufacturing

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 1(4) 2007 is a special issue: Innovations in nanomanufacturing, with papers based on oral presentations made during the 23rd International Manufacturing Conference held 30 August–1 September 2006 at the University of Ulster, UK.

Article titles:
* Burr formation and elimination in micromilling processes
* Precision inspection of coils using diffraction techniques
* Direct photonic etching of electrical materials
* Laser polishing techniques for roughness improvement on metallic surfaces
* Nickel electroforming of 3D microstructure by using BPR100 photoresist mould
* Machining M42 tool steel using superlattice layered nanocrystalline coatings deposited to WC-Co milling tools
* Thermal stress and thermomechanical simulation of embedded electronic packaging
* Approach for sintering nano-sized yttria-stabilised zirconia
* Challenges to a micromanufacturing industry in Ireland
* Very high speed micromachining of electrical materials
* Enhancing polymer adhesion through surface activation using an in-line atmospheric pressure plasma

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