17 July 2007

Call for papers: Business Models and Human Capital; Current Issues and New Challenges

Call for papers: Business Models and Human Capital; Current Issues and New Challenges

A special issue of International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Competition today is more between business models than between products. Therefore, for the firm, the choice for a specific business model is an important strategic decision. Business model invention, development and adaptation, is a core competence for entrepreneurial and sustainable business. In a global knowledge- based economy, understanding of emerging business models has become a great asset for any business.

An increasingly dynamic business environment creates new business conditions and new challenges for entrepreneurs and managers. Electronic communications, for example, have given rise to a number of new business models as well as modification of traditional ones; new models have been developed in various forms across different industries. The new kind of business model is built around information flows and the mobilisation of the knowledge resource in every part of the organisation. As a result, human capital, which consists of individuals' intellectual capacity, is the most valuable asset for the new business model which is not only economically sustainable but socially and environmentally responsible.

Despite its common use and general understanding, the business model and related issues have largely escaped the scrutiny of critical scholars and researchers. The link between the business model and human capital is particularly weak in the existing literature. This is the focus of this special issue.

Potential topics/questions suitable for review articles include, but not limited to, are:
  • Conceptual understanding of business model that goes beyond the context of e-business.
  • What drives the business value chain?
  • Why some business models do indeed perform better than others?
  • What are the key elements of a business model innovation system?
  • How are strategy, operations, engineering, and innovation linked into a system that enables new business models being brought to market?
  • How current management practices and current innovation practices should be changed?
  • What are the key structural factors and relationships that lead to success?
  • Conceptual understanding of human capital and its role in creating sustainable / responsible business models.
  • Human capital development and processes that might lead to robust and effective human capita capabilities.
  • Human capital management and its measurement.
Important Date
Paper Submission Deadline: 15 February, 2008

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