10 July 2007

Special issue: Media streaming over wireless and mobile environments

International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing 2(2/3) 2007 is a special issue: Media streaming over wireless and mobile environments.

Article titles:
* Robust source-adaptive real-time video transport over wireless multihop networks
* Adaptive semi-soft handoff for Cellular IP networks
* Developing a QoS framework for media streaming over TDMA/TDD wireless networks
* WAQM: managing QoS in wireless networks by means of an XML-based multiagent system
* Rate adaptation for wireless video streaming based on error statistics
* Seamless multimedia sessions and real-time measurements in hybrid 3G and WLAN networks
* A rate adaptation scheme for media streaming over heterogeneous networks
* Mobile face detection and tracking for media streaming applications
* TCP-friendly MPEG-4 streaming video in CDMA networks via power and rate control
* Constraint-based media content delivery over heterogeneous networks and devices

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