17 July 2007

Special issue: Interface issues in e-democracy

International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management 7(2) 2007 is a special issue: Interface issues in e-democracy. The papers in this special issue arise from debates within the European Science Foundation Towards Electronic Democracy (TED) programme; and, in particular, at a TED workshop held at Manchester Business School in November 2005 on Human-Computer Interface Issues in e-Democracy.

Article titles:
*Deliberative community networks for local governance
* Facilitation patterns and citizen engagement
* Mapping vernacular geography: web-based GIS tools for capturing 'fuzzy' or 'vague' entities
* Improving usability in e-democracy systems: systematic development of navigation in an e-participatory budget system
* An experimental study of a web-based framework for group decision support with applications to participatory budget elaboration
* Some thoughts on weighting in participatory decision making and e-democracy
* A risk assessment framework for electronic voting

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