8 March 2017

Special issue published: "Recent Advances in Optimisation Algorithms for Vehicle Design and Manufacturing Processes"

International Journal of Vehicle Design 73(1/2/3) 2017
  • Lightweight design with weld fatigue constraints for a three-axle bogie frame using sequential approximation optimisation method
  • Hybrid real-code population-based incremental learning and differential evolution for many-objective optimisation of an automotive floor-frame
  • Fatigue-based structural optimisation of vehicle components
  • Development of a variable-profile cam to enhance the volumetric efficiency of IC engines
  • Cross-sectional shape optimisation for thin-walled beam crashworthiness with stamping constraints using genetic algorithm
  • Analytical investigation of the effect of thermodynamic and geometric parameters on the performance of a direct injection turbocharged diesel engine
  • A modified particle swarm optimisation algorithm and its application in vehicle lightweight design
  • Longitudinal dynamics simulation of a solar electric vehicle for driving strategy optimisation
  • Multilevel optimisation method for vehicle body in conceptual design
  • A comparison of recent metaheuristic algorithms for crashworthiness optimisation of vehicle thin-walled tubes considering sheet metal forming effects
  • Optimal design of variable assist characteristics of electronically controlled hydraulic power steering system based on simulated annealing particle swarm optimisation algorithm
  • A comparative investigation of eight recent population-based optimisation algorithms for mechanical and structural design problems

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