28 March 2017

Special issue published: "Recent Advances in Evolutionary and Natural Computing: Practice and Applications"

International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering 3(1/2) 2017
  • Design of ANN-based adaptive hysteresis band control scheme for compensation of THD and reactive power demand in PV tied grid system using DSTATCOM
  • Fairness between TCP Reno and TCP Vegas in wired and wireless network
  • A single-pass classifier for categorical data
  • Gujarati handwritten numeral recognition through fusion of features and machine learning techniques
  • Firefly algorithm optimised PID controller for automatic generation control with redox flow battery
  • Dimension reduction for microarray data using multi-objective ant colony optimisation
  • Adaptive weight-based: an exclusive bypass algorithm for L3 cache in a three level cache hierarchy
Additional papers
  • Design and implementation of a reconfigurable finite impulse response filter for adaptive systems
  • Development of a fuzzy integrated software tool to prioritise technical requirements for effective design of online shopping websites

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