25 March 2017

Special issue published: "Recent Advances of Computational Intelligence Techniques in Computer Network Modelling and Performance Optimisation"

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 9(2/3) 2017
  • A lightweight mutual authentication protocol based on elliptic curve cryptography for IoT devices
  • Intrusion detection by initial classification-based on protocol type
  • Performance comparison of discrete particle swarm optimisation and shuffled frog leaping algorithm in multiprocessor task scheduling problem 
  • A hybrid fruit fly optimisation algorithm to solve the flow shop scheduling problems with multi-objectives
  • An efficient game theoretic based computation offloading framework for network optimisation in mobile cloud IoT systems
  • Ant colony-based load balancing and fault recovery for cloud computing environment
  • A novel lightweight key management scheme for RFID-sensor integrated hierarchical MANET based on internet of things
  • Mobility dependent clustering-based data transmission under variable data rate for different node densities in vehicular ad hoc network
  • Modified fitness-based swarm intelligence approach for routing in wireless sensor networks
  • A novel approach to automate test data generation for data flow testing based on hybrid adaptive PSO-GA algorithm

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