29 March 2017

Special issue published: "Transit Migration: Renewing the Focus on a Global Phenomenon"

International Journal of Migration and Border Studies 3(2/3) 2017
  • International migration: transit space - creative space?
  • Economies of transit: exploiting migrants and refugees in Indonesia and Libya
  • The logics of transit: the anticipation of onward mobility and its consequences for social and economic relations in Istanbul
  • Smart(phone) travelling: understanding the use and impact of mobile technology on irregular migration journeys
  • The arterial border: negotiating economies of risk and violence in Mexico's security regime
  • The multiplicity of transit: the waiting and onward mobility of African migrants in the European Union
  • The condition of being in transit: decision making, vulnerabilities and long-term implications for integration
Additional papers
  • Moralisation and criminalisation: a socio-political history of the expulsion of foreigners in Belgium (1830-1952)
  • Patterns of migration from Nepal to India through two border points

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