9 March 2017

Special issue published: "Inventive Research in Biomedical Technologies for Wireless Patient Monitoring"

International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology 23(2/3/4) 2017
  • A multi-resolution transform for deblurring of images in the presence of impulse noise for real-time images
  • Analysis of Dravidian words uttered by deaf speakers using clustering techniques: deaf speech enhancement
  • Performance analysis of Horner's rule-based canonical signed digit lifting architecture for two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform
  • Diabetic data analysis in healthcare using Hadoop architecture over big data
  • A novel method on earlier detection of bone cancer using Markov random field segmentation
  • Efficient implementation for classifying and segmenting of computed tomography brain tumour images using modified region growing with lion algorithm
  • A cross-correlated feature fusion technique for multimodal biometric system
  • Time-frequency analysis of EEG for improved classification of emotion
  • Design and implementation of medical cloud database service system based on parallel and mobile computing
  • A classification of chronic leukaemia using new extension of k-means clustering and EFMM based on digital microscopic blood images
  • Implementing feature selection for multimodal biometrics
  • Construction and simulation on intelligent medical equipment system based on virtual reality technology and human-computer interaction model
  • Developmental trend of microfluidic chip and biosensor technologies and the integration mode with machine learning model and wearable device
  • Detection of retinal area from scanning laser ophthalmoscope images (SLO) using deep neural network
  • A novel medical human-computer interaction platform based on Kinect depth image analysis refactoring and neural network
  • Efficient digit serial architecture for sign based least mean square adaptive filter for denoising of artefacts in ECG signals
  • A novel intelligent healthcare system and the sensor network deployment strategy based on multimodal fused information
  • Photoplethysmogram signal processing and analysis in evaluating arterial stiffness

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