16 March 2017

Special issue published: "Application of Sustainable Technologies for Water and Waste Recycling and Reuse"

International Journal of Global Warming 11(3) 2017
  • Recycling of waste glass in concrete plant as aggregate and pozzolan replacement
  • Solid waste collection route optimisation by geographical information system in Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Oxidation prevention of silicon carbide powders
  • Composition and energy potential of industrial sludge derived synthetic gas
  • The relationship between income level and CFP level of the provinces in Turkey: a case study
  • Treatment of waste activated sludge by means of alkaline hydrolysis under 'mild' conditions
  • Optimisation of nutrients and metals release from municipal sewage sludge by chemical extraction using Box-Behnken design
  • A study on biodiesel production from the compounds of brewed tea waste
  • Coupling diffusion dialysis with precipitation - cementation to separate and recover nitric acid, Cu++, Zn++ and Pb++ from the wastewater of a brass pickling bath
  • Optimisation of physical activation process for activated carbon production from tyre wastes

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