23 March 2017

Special issue published: "International Issues in Entrepreneurship"

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 30(4) 2017
  • International entrepreneurship research: how it evolved and directions for the future
  • French technology start-ups: how and why are they succeeding?
  • Internationalisation of family business groups in transition economies
  • The role of professional service providers during the initial stages of international entrepreneurship: a neo-institutionalist view
  • International entrepreneurship research: mapping and cognitive structures
  • Unravelling the link between creativity and individual entrepreneurial behaviour: the moderating role of Islamic Work Ethics
  • International convergence and divergence on family entrepreneurship problems: the case of family firms in Japan
Additional papers
  • Institutional asymmetry as a challenge in tackling the grey economy in Bulgaria
  • Dynamic capabilities, managerial and marketing capabilities and their impact on the competitive advantage and firm performance

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