31 March 2017

Call for papers: "Technological Innovation for Sustainable Development under Globalisation: Complementary Policy, Business and Financing Models"

For a special issue of the World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development.

Globalisation has expedited cross-border investments, technology transfer and knowledge exchange with the advancement of ICT. However, environmental sustainability has continued to deteriorate as evidenced by worsening air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions associated with fossil fuels and ongoing climate change. The continuing utilisation of conventional technologies and embedded legacy infrastructures would merely lead to a trajectory of un-sustainability as climate change intensifies over time.

Efforts are needed on a global scale to enable technological innovation and the adoption of new technologies for sustainable development around the world. Related R&D management and investments into technological innovation that enhances environmental sustainability are considered critical to reverse a trend towards un-sustainability. New economic, business and financing models are much needed should the world aim to revert this path.

While it is criticised that the existing global financial system has diverged resources into short-term financial profits against long-term sustainability, UNPRI has advocated the development of a framework for responsible investing and sustainable financing as an innovation approach that could enhance allocation of resources into the development of technological infrastructure for sustainability. In the meantime, there have been increasing interests in green financing and investing among institutional stakeholders within the global capital market.

This special issue welcomes submissions that investigate complementary policies, business and financing models for technological innovation and sustainable development under globalisation. We particularly encourage papers that are cross-disciplinary in their pursuit of issues and solutions for sustainable development.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • The role of global financial system for innovation in sustainability
  • Global policies and regulatory measures for green accounting, financing and investments
  • New business and financial models for technological innovation and sustainability
  • Entrepreneurial financing and venture capital for technological innovation and sustainability
  • Sustainable financing investing in green infrastructure, such as energy
  • Issuance of green bonds and other innovative financial instruments
  • UNPRI initiatives for responsible and sustainable investing
  • Sustainable investing in advanced and emerging economies
  • Allocating resources into R&D for sustainable development
  • Knowledge and technology transfer for sustainable development in a global environment
  • Research on responsible innovation
  • Cradle-to-cradle business models
  • Frugal innovation and other forms of lean footprint business development

Important Dates
Manuscripts due by: 30 June, 2018
Notification to authors: 30 September, 2018
Final versions due by: 10 December, 2018

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