31 March 2017

Special issue published: "Recent Developments in Wireless and Optical Communication Networks"

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology 10(3) 2017
  • Topology control based on the group mobility model for mobile wireless mesh backbone networks
  • Time dispersion analysis and capacity for ultra wideband channel in indoor environment
  • Performance evaluation of downlink packet scheduling for real time traffic in LTE system
  • Analysing varying rate flood attack on real flow in MANET and solution proposal 'real flow dynamic queue'
  • An enhanced burst assembly scheme over optical burst switching networks
  • Study of GPS scintillation during solar maximum at Malaysia
  • Improved random access for contention bandwidth request in LTE networks under extended typical urban 70 channel
  • An adaptive contention slot selection mechanism for improving the performance of IEEE 802.11 DCF
  • Design, implementation and analysis of wearable biomedical assistance device for elderly

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