4 March 2017

Open access special issue available for free: "Risk Science in the 21st Century"

International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 20(1/2/3) 2017

The following extended versions of papers presented a Risk Sciences International for the Existing Substances Risk Assessment Bureau in Health Canada are available for free as open access papers:
  • US Environmental Protection Agency's framework for human health risk assessment to inform decision making
  • Evolution of toxicological science: the need for change
  • Integrating emerging technologies into chemical safety assessment: progress since the 2012 report of the expert panel on the integrated testing of pesticides
  • Future platforms for toxicity testing
  • Risk science in the 21st century: a data-driven framework for incorporating new technologies into chemical safety assessment
  • Advances in high-throughput screening technology for toxicology
  • The role of human biological monitoring in health risk assessment
  • Implementing toxicity testing in the 21st century: challenges and opportunities
  • EPAs methodology to inform TSCA pre-manufacturing notification decision-making: a critical analysis based on chemicals regulated by consent order
  • Future directions in risk science
  • Challenges and opportunities in the risk assessment of existing substances in Canada: lessons learned from the international community

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