17 April 2015

Special issue published: "Entrepreneurship and Management Answers to Selected Interdisciplinary Topics in Difficult Times"

World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development 11(2/3) 2015
  • Political and military action frame of the European Union in crises management
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship by teaching accounting: concept and implementation
  • Innovation and knowledge management in a knowledge-based economy 
  • Emerging from crisis with new approaches to science of society
  • An exploratory investigation on new product development in family luxury businesses
  • Strategic R&D internationalisation in developing Asian countries - the Italian experience
  • Consequences of investment contract duration on the valuation of firms in maturity stage
  • Knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship and performance during the crisis: cases of the Greek wood industry
  • A quality management model for integrated healthcare in Poland
  • Monetary and financial policies: a dynamical model approach
  • Analysing wellbeing at the crossroads of socioeconomic growth and business ethics
  • Different approaches to technology transfer by government and academy
  • An analysis of cultural shifts - the examples of Luxembourg, France, Germany

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