20 April 2015

Special Issue published: "NANOTECH-MEET" Conferences in Tunisia

International Journal of Nanotechnology 12(8/9) 2015

Extended versions of papers presented at the NANOTECH Tunisia 2014 and MEET Tunisia 2014 joint international conferences.
  • Functionalised magnetic beads on gold surface for C-reactive protein detection
  • Rhodium-decorated MWCNTs for detecting organic vapours
  • Physical and optical waveguiding properties of sol-gel deposited nano-structured TiO2 thin films: a study on the effect of synthesis parameters
  • Characterisation of the GaAs-based intermediate band solar cell with multi-stacked InAs/InGaAs quantum dots
  • Superhydrophobic surface produced on polyimide and silicon by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition from hexamethyldisiloxane precursor
  • Formation and characterisation of copper oxide coating for absolute radiant laser power measurement absorbing cavity
  • Uncertainty communication in the environmental life cycle assessment of carbon nanotubes
  • Polyol-made stoichiometric Co0.2Ni0.3Zn0.5Fe2O4 nanoparticles: synthetic optimisation, structural, and microstructural studies
  • Optical effects of Si-delta doping of GaAs spacer layer on the vertical coupled multi-stacked InAs/InGaAs/GaAs intermediate-band solar cells
  • Band gap modifications of two-dimensional defected MoS2
  • Theoretical study of the optical properties of Si1−xGex alloy, and Si/Ge and Ge/Si core/shell nanoparticles
  • Improvement of absorption in organic solar cells using tri-layer anode
  • Structural, microstructural and magnetic properties of 1% Fe-doped ZnO powder nanostructures prepared by mechanical alloying
  • Humidity sensor characteristics based on ZnO nanostructure grown by sol-gel method
  • Study and realisation of an original silicon-germanium light trap detector for large band radiometric measurements
  • A simulation study of an operational amplifier with non-ideal carbon nanotube transistor: case of scattering effect

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