17 April 2015

Special issue published: "Organisation Management Through Value for the Customer"

International Journal of Business Performance Management 16(2/3) 2015
  • Creating value for customers through engagement and participation in brand communities
  • Value proposition and firm performance: segmentation of Polish online companies
  • Value in shopping experiences in the perception of Polish consumers
  • The impact of service delivery system effectiveness on service quality: a hierarchical approach
  • Hedonic or utilitarian buying behaviours - what values do young adult customers seek in online group buying?
  • Influence of selected groceries' marketing mix elements on business performance in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka: retailers' perspective
  • Performance measurement approach to show the value for the customer in an industrial service network
  • Adding value for customers by providing service quality training (study at Islamic bank in Indonesia)
  • Research on time-management skills of employees in the process of creating value for the customer
  • Management of value for customers on the culture market
  • The relative significance of product quality attributes driving customer satisfaction within the fast fashion market: a UK perspective
  • Environmental management systems in food processing and production as a source of product value for the customer on the organic food market
  • Analysing the product and service aspects of a manufacturing supply chain: a dairy industry perspective
  • Status and impact of strategic technology alliances among telecommunications firms in Nigeria
  • Improving the quality of technology-based innovations selection: a quality function deployment approach for retailers

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