15 April 2015

Special issue published: "Building Information System Capabilities in the Age of Complexity"

International Journal of Business Information Systems 18(4) 2015

  • Supply chain management practices - IT utilisation alignment: impact on supply chain performance and firm performance
  • Environmental social governance management: a theoretical perspective for the role of disclosure in the supply chain
  • Quantitative analysis of the effects of dual integration on firm's competitiveness
  • Success factors of online services in Kathmandu, Nepal: an empirical analysis
  • Interaction of marketing, R&D and critical innovation: case study of Korean and Japanese firms
  • A professional training programme design for global manufacturing strategy: investigations and action project group activities through industry-university cooperation
  • International entrepreneurship and information technology strategies of the multinational enterprises from emerging markets
  • The role of IT for global firms in emerging markets
  • Stakeholders' pressure and managerial responses: lessons from hybrid car development and commercialisation

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