15 April 2015

Special issue published: "Information Technology and Complexity Management"

International Journal of Information Technology and Management 14(2/3) 2015
  • Combining barcodes and RFID in a hybrid solution to improve hospital pharmacy logistics processes
  • Research on emergency resources storage region division based on two-stage stochastic programming
  • Comprehensive evaluation of marketing channel risk of beverage enterprise on the basis of GRA-Fuzzy-AHP
  • Great East Japan Earthquake emergency evolution and contingency decision based on system engineering approach
  • The interplay among software volatility, complexity and development outcomes: evidence from open source software
  • Mining top-k influential nodes in social networks via community detection
  • A novel approach for imputation of missing continuous attribute values in databases using genetic algorithm
  • A distributed maximal frequent itemset mining with multi agents system on bitmap join indexes selection
  • Information and communication technology: a tool for increasing marketing efficiency

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