16 April 2015

Special issue published: "Evolution of Modern Manufacturing Processes, Technologies and Materials"

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 50(3/4) 2015

Extended versions of papers presented at the Modern Technologies in Industrial Engineering Conference (ModTech2013).
  • Application of waste materials as 'low cost' sorbents for industrial effluent treatment: a comparative overview
  • Aerosol-assisted processing of hierarchically organised TiO2 nanoparticles
  • On force-deflection diagrams of fibre-metal composites connected by means of bolt joints 
  • Modelling and investigation of a piezo composite actuator application
  • Study of mechanical properties and computer simulation of composite materials reinforced by metal 
  • Structural effects of high-temperature plastic deformation process on martensite plate morphology in a Fe-Mn-Si-Cr SMA
  • Technological similarity theory model for series of types of constructions
  • Kinematic and rock-breaking characteristics of new drill bit with swirling bottom-hole model
  • Appraisal of the effectiveness of chosen management processes
  • Comparison of active and semi-active damping in synthesis of various mechatronic discrete systems 
  • Effect of nano ZnO2 and lime water curing on strength and water absorption of concrete
  • Precision forging of alternator poles by flow control method

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